Burgundy Striped Canvas Bag

Price : $36.82


  • What is the essential element of stripes? Definitely the sea, the sand, the sun... in short, the summer months! Add a touch of liveliness to your outfits in hot weather without compromising your style, thanks to the Tiny touch. 
  • Tiny Marine Bag offers you a shortcut and functional way with its white base and red stripes, along with its spacious design. With its minimalist design, the bag has only one pocket on the inside. It can be carried on your shoulder without weighing you down, thanks to its slim straps. It is highly durable with its cotton canvas fabric. 
  • Color: White + Burgundy Stripes
  • Material: Cotton canvas


En 66 cm
Boy 38 cm
Uzun İp 66 cm
Kısa İp 36 cm


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